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Kirikoo Des
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Leo Djen
Walter Mecca

The G-Sessions ambassador is Kirikoo Des, a Parisian artist working in the fields of dance, music and digital art. He collaborates with artists within the context of diverse musical expressions in developing unique conceptual performances.

His creative team can be described as a collective in the purest sense of the word. Pain O Chokolat consists of many Parisians who are passionate about fashion, sport, music, film, and throwing massive parties. One of them, Charaf Tajer, opened the famous club Le Pompon in Paris. Another member, Stephane Ashpool, created the brand PIGALLE. PIGALLE is true success story. His clothing is worn by Parisian youth as well as by stars like A$AP Rocky. For the G-SESSIONS, 3 members of this collective worked beside Kirikoo: Chemsedine - designer, Léo Djen - graphic artist and videomaker, and Walter Mecca, underground music producer and part of NSDOS with the G-SHOCK ambassador. They created a watch design together in addition to a complete and multidisciplinary artwork.

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